We believe in quality over quantity, that good food starts with good ingredients, and that the shorter distance those ingredients travel, the better for both their flavor profile and their nutritive quality. That's why we are partnering with several local growers and producers to bring you the highest quality baked goods our region has to offer. 

If it grows within a 200-mile radius, then we are sourcing it within that distance. For our tropical ingredients we rely on reputable & sustainable ingredient sources who work hard to ensure that growers are properly compensated, farming practices are sustainable, child labor is non-existent and nearby forests are protected.

Our Partners


The single most important ingredient in ice cream is dairy: milk provides the body while cream rounds out the final texture. We've chosen Battenkill creamery for its unparalleled freshness and absence of growth hormones. Located in Salem, New York, this family owned farm dates back to 1902. 


Quality bakers know that a high-fat-content butter results in creamier and more luxurious cakes, cookies and frostings. That just so happens to be the specialty of Kriemhild Dairy. Their butter production begins with grass fed cows raised in New York State, and their company values are akin to our own.

These eggs come from red star hens that live cage free on an 80 acre farm in Argyle, New York. Click on the logo to read more about the family that raises them and their partnership with Five Acre Farms.


Organic, fresh milled flours and whole grains. Grown in the tri-state area and milled in Halifax, Pennsylvania.


Part for part, it takes roughly 1/7th the amount of water to produce oatmilk than nut based milk. Plus it's more nutritive, delicious and blends well with a multitude of other flavors. All excellent reasons to use as the base for all of our plant based 'ice creams'. 


Located in Belgium, Callebaut is one of Europe's leading chocolate producers and has been since 1911. In addition to manufacturing some of the world's best chocolate, they also work hard to empower their farmers through their Cocoa Horizons Foundation.