Dairy Based


Brown Butter Chocolate Chip

AMERICAN CLASSIC: Our chocolate chip cookies are made with brown butter, which results in deep toffee flavor, a crisp edge and a soft center. We also use fair trade chocolate (dark and milk) and Indonesian Vanilla.


$3.50 each

$20 for 6 | $35 for 12

Fudge Brownie

$3.75 each

Not available by the dozen.

AMERICAN CLASSIC: Fudgey and satisfyingly dense, copious quantities of fair trade dark chocolate and butter, and a crackly top...can you ask for anything more from a brownie?! Add it to our Sundae Kits for a truly decadent at home treat.


Plant Based


Vegan Double Chocolate

VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE: We ditched the butter, but you wouldn't know it when you taste these. Fair trade dark chocolate, rich Dutch processed cocoa, and Indonesian Vanilla make for a creamy cookie with a crisp edge without using eggs or dairy.


$3.50 each

$20 for 6 | $35 for 12

Roasted Peanut Butter

VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE: You won't miss the eggs or dairy in this recreation of a childhood favorite. All natural peanut butter, roasted peanuts and house made peanut butter chips.

$3.50 each

$20 for 6 | $35 for 12