Dairy Based


Cinnamon Roll

AMERICAN CLASSIC: Soft, fluffy and buttery dough with a swirl of cinnamon and brown sugar; finished with a lightly salted confectioner's glaze.


$4.50 each

Chai-Chocolate Babka

$4.50 each

NEW YORK CLASSIC: Dark chocolate gently spiced with a house made blend of chai spices looped and swirled into a buttery dough and baked to golden perfection.


Plant Based


Crumb Cake

VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE: Shhhh...your friends won't know it's vegan (& gluten free!) IF you decide to share. Cinnamon streusel, cranberry jam, and lemon scented batter.


$5.50 each

Apple Hand Pie

VEGAN: New York State apples from LynOaken Farm, brown sugar, cinnamon and a zip of lemon all encased in a flakey pastry.

$5.50 each