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Founded in the summer of 2020, Sundae Fundae specializes in both traditional and vegan ice cream. We LOVE ice cream, which is why we strive to create bold and delicious flavors for ominvores, herbivores and the gluten intolerant. Currently all of our plant based "ice creams" are made with house made oat milk, for which we source certified gluten free oats; all of our dairy based ice creams are made with Battenkill Valley milk and cream; and we don't use anything you can't pronounce, except maybe the occaional imported fruit or tea. 

Our founder, Tanya Ponder, landed in NYC just under a decade ago, where she has learned from some of the city's finest restaurants including Daniel, Marea & Jean-Georges. The Sundae Fundae menu reflects her preference for contemporary southern food, a sprinkling of french technique and a well-travelled international flair for flavor. 

Hailing from the bucolic hills of Arkansas's Buffalo National River, with a mom from Marin County, CA, the food of her childhood consisted of a mish-mash of influences (Mexican, Tex-Mex, Cajun, Creole, southern comfort and California's Cuisine). Her early adulthood included travel all over North & Latin America, Europe

 and the Middle East. Today she intuitively draws from all of those experiences and bakes from the heart. She is equally at ease with creme anglaise as she is with modernisht techniques. Most importantly, she earnestly wants you to enjoy your food. 

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